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Sandra D. Kennedy

Our mission is to make America uphold the promises of the Constitution: liberty, equal protection of the laws, the pursuit of happiness, and promoting the general welfare. 
Sandy Kennedy for Congress

Sandy Kennedy on the Issues

It is not possible to uphold a woman’s constitutional rights to life, liberty, and equal protection of the laws when a state pauses her constitutional rights while she is pregnant, denies her a medically necessary abortion until she is on the verge of death, or when her doctors cannot exercise their medical expertise out of fear of prosecution and loss of their medical license.

  • Codify Roe v. Wade and eliminate abortion bans
  • Assure that women’s rights are not subordinated to pregnancy
  • Protect in vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Protect right to contraceptives
  • Protect bodily autonomy as constitutional rights to liberty, life, be secure (4th Amendment), and privacy
  • Tirelessly educate members of Congress and the public on why reproductive rights are constitutional rights, and why abortion bans violate women’s constitutional rights
  • Assure that public health funding and military funding include reproductive rights and abortions
  • Protect health privacy against government intrusion
  • Restrictions on foreign corporations and American corporations’ ability to own thousands of residential properties for profit, where that drives up the cost and lowers availability of housing.
  • Support immigration reform
  • Prompt path to citizenship for Dreamers and long-term residents of the U.S.
  • Support the bipartisan immigration bill agreed upon by the House but denied a vote
  • It is not constitutional for the state of Florida to enter into an alliance with Texas to fly immigrants to other states. Not a proper use of Floridian’s property tax dollars
  • Measures to stop fentanyl from coming into the country
  • Protect American jobs when affected by immigration
  • Support continuing dialogue with Venezuela’s Maduro for free elections, which would eventually reduce immigration crisis from Venezuela to the U.S.

Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are under intense attack by Republican politicians. Sandy opposes Republicans’ (including Bill Posey’s) attacks on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.  

  • Strengthen Social Security by requiring the wealthiest taxpayers to contribute a fair share up to a substantially greater income level. The cutoff should approximate whatever is necessary to make the programs fully and sufficiently solvent, and rates may be lower
  • Preserve and codify Medicare’s right to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to hold drug prices down, and cost protection for insulin and inhalers
  • Propose requirements and conditions under which Medicare and Medicaid would pay for dietary supplements where effective and less expensive than drugs
  • Protect the retirement age from being raised
  • Protect Social Security reserves and administrative staff from cuts
  • Protect spousal and children’s Social Security death benefits from cuts
  • Floridians should have the Medicaid and other benefits Congress has passed for the people.

Protect Medicare from cuts in benefit levels and amounts paid to providers

  • Legislation to coordinate states’ federal elections and assure consistency—Reduce or prevent anomalies such as presidential candidates on some states’ ballots but not others
  • Coordinate state deadlines into a single federal deadline for federal candidates to qualify to be on ballots
  • Coordinate consistent mail-in ballot rules
  • Work towards a coordinated system of determining where people are registered to vote, and where they voted, to prevent voting in two states or the wrong state, while still protecting Floridians’ constitutional rights to privacy
  • Supreme Court decision in Citizens United has created a situation in which big interest money is exerting extreme control and power over our elections. We need new rules to assure that elections are fair and not dominated by big money.
  • Restore the right to vote even if you owe criminal fines and fees, because how much money you have should not reduce your constitutional right to vote.

Fair Taxation, Paying Down National Debt, and Promoting the Welfare of the People

There is no plausible argument for governmental fiscal responsibility without the wealthiest taxpayers paying their fair, reasonable share of taxes.  Our past history of greater tax fairness was also a time of greater shared prosperity. Credit:

The “Trickle Down” theory was never supported by actual facts, and does not qualify as equal protection of the laws. The national debt does not benefit from “trickle down.”  And the people have not benefited from “trickle down.” 

  • Strengthen Social Security by increasing the income cutoff for Social Security contributions, and making the wealthiest taxpayers pay their fair share of Social Security on full or substantially more income.
  • Make billionaires pay their fair and reasonable share of taxes so that we can pay down the national debt and fund the people’s work.
  • Eliminate excessive income exclusions and deductions that allow billionaires to pay low or no taxes
  • Lower the amount of allowable charitable deductions for the wealthiest Americans
  • Eliminate “Trickle Down” as a theory of taxation
  • Refocus federal taxation law on what is needed to pay down the national debt while also funding the people’s work
  • Propose to increase contribution limits to dependent care accounts, and increase child tax credits
  • Aid to Ukraine
  • Aid to Israel to fight terrorism
  • Relief, and eventually guidance for Gaza nation-building
  • Protect and respect the members of NATO
  • Support dialogue with Russia on freeing Ukraine, and refocusing Putin’s legacy on peace and free elections for Russia
  • Support continuing U.S. dialogue and incentives with Venezuela, to avoid pushing Venezuela toward Russia and China, & because of their oil reserves and proximity to the U.S.
  • The United States must maintain an active role in keeping the world safe for OUR democracy, OUR constitution, and OUR country.
  • Not allow terrorists and authoritarian dictators to violate a country’s sovereignty, which is extremely destabilizing for peace in the United States as well as the rest of the world.
  • Preserve the availability of abortion care for military personnel
  • Not allow China to buy farmland in the United States

Clean air, water and food are not privileges—they are essential for health and life of individuals, wildlife, and fisheries, and for the environment.  Republicans resist regulations that protect all of us. We need new recognition that what helps one person may harm others, and what helps one person in one way, harms that same person in another way.

  • Make it easier to get fresh, safe drinking water and clean food
  • Shut the revolving door between industry and agencies so that the fox is not guarding the henhouse
  • Greater congressional action to prevent harm to the public where agencies have failed to take sufficient action—-for example, to lower the rate of disease, lower healthcare costs, and lower the high U.S. death rate that is far in excess of other countries
  • Labeling of GMO’s, and disclosure of how modified
  • Ban hormones for livestock
  • Ban the unnecessary use of antibiotics solely to make animals grow unnaturally bigger
  • Ban the practice of plumping meat with saline-injected water and phosphates to make more profit, which not only steals money from the consumer, but also health and life.
  • Investigate and act to restore clean water in the Indian River Lagoon, and achieve reduction of air emissions in District 8–for example, persistent visible yellow streaks of air pollution along the coast in Brevard County
  • Act against PFAS, fluoride, solvents and even salt added to drinking water. Added fluoride and cumulative excess salt cause harm. 
  • Find ways to make alternative energy feasible for more people
  • Laws that encourage the cattle industry to humanely capture methane or revert to grass feed instead of feed lots—a substantial factor in climate change
  • Find a way to prevent alternative energy industry from raising their prices to absorb all of the Federal incentive benefits for themselves
  • Take action on the best information available
  • Propose legislation to better protect elders across the nation, particularly for assisted living facilities which are not as well-regulated as nursing homes

The United States spends the highest percentage of GDP on healthcare, yet has a life expectancy that is years lower than comparable nations, and a rate of preventable death far higher.  For life expectancy, the United States ranks 30th of the 38 wealthiest nations. The United States’ rank is not acceptable.

  • Shut the revolving door between industry and agencies so that the fox is not guarding the henhouse
  • Codify requirements that Medicare negotiate with pharmaceutical companies to hold drug prices down, and cost protection for insulin and inhalers
  • Fund better access to mental health and addiction treatment services
  • Revise patent law to assure reasonable costs of pharmaceutical drugs
  • Propose requirements and conditions for Medicare and Medicaid to pay for dietary supplements where effective and less expensive than drugs
  • Neutral, unbiased research and fact finding in support of healthcare
  • Investigation and creation of programs to vaccinate livestock to eliminate dangerous and carcinogenic organisms in meat, and require domestic and imported meat to be reasonably free of preventable organisms  
  • Protect health freedom to the greatest extent compatible with truth and safety
  • Encourage dialogue, not censorship, for all of us to better assess what is the truth
  • Require medical schools to provide greater nutritional education, curriculum such as proposed by the Institute of Functional Medicine
  • Require teaching health in grade school
  • Require adequate recess, physical education, and exercise in grades K through 12
  • Bring back basic cooking and life skills in schools
  • Impose limits on pharmaceutical and unhealthful food advertising
  • Ban partnerships, endorsements, and financial ties between pharmaceutical industry and public health organizations
  • Mandate to eliminate unhealthy foods from schools, child-care and healthcare facilities, prisons, etc., and replace with rigorous nutritional standards consistent with current science
  • Change campaign finance laws so that political donations from entities like big food, big farming, and big pharma can no longer control the political process
  • Revise the Farm Bill. Agricultural policies must support public health, not commodity products like corn and soy.80% of government subsidies presently go to soy and corn that are used to create junk food
  • Ban marketing to children for fast food, junk food, liquid calories, and processed food. This has been done in over 50 countries. We should follow suit.
  • Promote school and prison food gardens

Perhaps no category of constitutional violations has lasted longer without correction than bias and brutality against individuals of color. Brutality and mistreatment based on race should not be the norm when we turn on the news.  If we had already gotten it right, new cases of brutality and death would not continually arise, nor would generations of people live in fear of police interactions. Recognizing that work needs to be done does not equate to disapproval of the police.  Local law enforcement is valued and appreciated.  It will be a sign of progress when we see an end to these injustices.

  • Enhance hate crimes laws or the Civil Rights Act to prevent bias and brutality against individuals of color
  • Require creation of child and adult education (including police) programs against bias, brutality and bullying
  • Fight to repeal federal mandatory minimum sentences, incentivize states to do the same
  • Support teaching factually accurate Black History in grade school

To achieve genuine peace and domestic tranquility, we must restore our culture of tolerance, then we can move forward to a culture of acceptance of individual differences.

  • LGBTQ status should be protected just as race or gender status are protected
  • Protect marriage and marital status for insurance and other benefits
  • Ban discrimination in housing, public accommodations, access to credit, education, jury service, and federal programs
  • Secure and protect people’s rights to be themselves, including their own gender situation that they were born with, and their choices to the extent they do not harm others
  • Assure availability of appropriate support and treatment for those who need it
  • Expand mental health and suicide prevention services
  • Ban conversion therapy
  • Legislation for mandatory instant criminal background checks and conceal-carry permits (78% of all gun sales, those through licensed firearm dealers, are already subject to background checks through the Natl. Instant Criminal Background Check System. This measure would close the gaps, because 80% of guns used in crimes are sold through unlicensed gun dealers.)
  • Legislation funding and providing greater access to mental health care, particularly for victims of bullying and youths in crisis
  • Legislation requiring guns to be stored safely in homes
  • Suicide reduction initiatives
  • Strengthen protection against domestic violence
  • Propose greater dialogue to achieve broader consensus on measures to reduce the incidence of mass shootings, particularly in schools
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